Where do you operate from?

Matilda Bay Boat Ramp, Australia II Drive, Crawley servicing North of the River.

Other Locations:

Rockingham – Mandurah – Hillary’s – Maylands – Bayswater
Please enquire for other locations.

How many people can you take in a class?

A maximum of 7.
For larger groups please enquire on Mobile 0409 880 401

Do you offer group or family discounts?


How long does it take?

Approximately four hours.

Where do I get a RST Workbook?

Download from our website here or the DPI Website. Alternatively pick it up free from any DPI Licensing Centre.

How can I pay?

By EFT or cash.

What do I have to bring?

• A current Australian Motor drivers license for eyesight test exemption and full proof of Identity.
• For persons without a current Australian Motor Driver’s License, an eyesight test will need to be completed on the Department of Transport Eyesight Test Form
• For other Proof of Identity documents see page 9 of RST Workbook.

A hat, sunburn cream and a warm jacket if it is cold. Long pants can be worn as there is no requirement for any student to get into the water.

What happens if I fail?

Theory Test.

Some Theory training and revision is provided on the day, you will need to get 34 questions out of 40 multiple choice questions correct to pass.
Should you get 30 to 33 correct answers, you are eligible to sit another set of different questions on the same day.
Only 2 attempts at the theory are permitted per day, provided the first attempt has at least 30 correct answers.
You can do some practice questions at the link below. These give you an idea of the type of questions to expect in the theory test.


Practical Test.

Prior to the assessment tuition is given on all tasks.
The practical assessment comprises of 11 Tasks. The 11 tasks make up 62 criteria. To pass a minimum of 56 criteria must be met.
Only 1 attempt is permitted per day to pass the practical component.

Is a RST required to drive a jet ski?


Is a WA RST recognised elsewhere?

Yes in all other states of Australia and many other countries throughout the world.

Is a RST renewable annually?


What size recreational vessel can I drive with a RST?

The size of the vessel is unrestricted as long it is registered as a recreational vessel.

I hold a current interstate license. Is it recognised in WA? What do I have to do to get it transferred to a WA RST?

An approved assessor can issue you with a WA RST by you filling out an Application and Skills Recognition Form.

Your boat or mine?

I can do the RST in either – however my boat is great to learn on as it’s easy to handle, it’s safe, it steers well at slow speeds and is covered by all the insurances required.